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  • Re-launch, Re-Boot, Revive!
    Re-launch, Re-Boot, Revive!
    8 November, 2017 by
    I took a break, a loooong break, from my business and now I’m back having fallen in love with it all over again....
  • Style and Goals Heading into 2016
    Style and Goals Heading into 2016
    18 December, 2015 by
    As we head on through this busiest of quarters before the festive season interrupts the business flow I have been working on my...
  • style and image graduates
    Stylish Review of My 2015
    8 December, 2015 by
    2015 has been a great year for me, a year of learning, growth and development. How has your year been? I started in...
  • Why You Need a Wardrobe Edit
    Why You Need a Wardrobe Edit
    11 November, 2015 by
    How many decisions do you make every single day? By the time we’ve left the house in the morning we’ve already made hundreds,...
  • What's in a Fantastic Fit?
    What’s in a Fantastic Fit?
    17 September, 2015 by
    The fit of your clothes has a great impact on the state of your mind as well as your general appearance. If your...



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