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Wardrobe Workout – My personal Wardrobe Edit!

What Greets you when you open your Wardrobe door everyday?

Do you LOVE it or HATE it?

Are you in Wardrobe Heaven or Wardrobe Hell?

Can you see what you have? or

Do you despair at the wardrobe full of clothes and nothing to wear?

One of the most frustrating things you have to do in the morning is decide what to wear. You have this wardrobe full of things yet you seem to have nothing to wear. Can you actually see what’s in there? I’ve had things stuffed in for ages and I know I never wear half of it, so why is it still there? Why is all that stuff you never wear still in your wardrobe? Think how much easier life would be if you could see everything you had and could clearly see what combination of clothes can actually go together. If you’ve never given yourself a wardrobe edit then now is the time.

Back in February I blogged about the benefits of having wardrobe workout for the spring. Well I decided to take my own advice and cleared out my wardrobe and here’s my story.

Since I trained as an Image professional one of things I’ve kept putting off was sorting out my own wardrobe. I have since discovered I had exactly the same anxieties as everyone else I’ve talked to about it. I thought I’d have nothing left and I wouldn’t have enough money to get everything I need to replace everything  I wanted to get rid of.

Having completed a few wardrobe edits for clients now I know this is not the case.  It is not in my nature to tell people to get rid of everything, I help people get the best out of what they have and get creative, try new combinations or get things altered. Creating space, clarity and new combinations is where I focus with carefully identified extras needed if necessary.

So, a few weeks ago I decided to put into practice all the advice I’d been giving other people. So here I am, putting it on the line with my before & after pictures.

wardrobe edit


wardrobe edit


Which Colours are my colours?

The vast majority of clothes in my wardrobe are a good colour for me, so that wasn’t going to be a particular issue. I have a cool, clear & deep colour palette so navy, black, deeper shades, some vibrant colours and clear ice colours suit me best. I don’t do greens and yellow well but I didn’t have many things in those colours, maybe a vest top here or there, but nothing major. Well, tell a lie I do have one green suit which I made with silk dupion quite a few years ago, it was one of those things I put a lot of time and effort into so I have never got rid of it despite the fact I only every wore it once.




I put my heart and soul into this suit, the inside looks amazing with bound seams











So what about fit?

If your clothes actually fit you it will make you look and feel amazing. The difference it can make is quite amazing. In my personal wardrobe I am quite lucky on this point. I have been pretty static with my body shape and weight so I don’t have a collection of clothes that used to fit me because I was either lighter or heavier than I am now. I know a lot of women do find themselves in this situation and I can help in addressing this with you, often we keep clothes in a misplaced belief that we will need them again at some point. Of course, that’s a whole other blog post! Needless to say I do recommend your wardrobe only contains clothes that you can look fantastic in right now. I have a post about whats in a fantastice fit just here

Also, on the matter of fit, I’m a dressmaker, it is my business to make clothes fit so again, lucky enough not to have bought too many off the peg clothes that kind of look ok but don’t really because of the way they fit. Obviously we’re not all dressmakers but what I would say is don’t be afraid to get things altered. Seek out and value a great dressmaker. Check out one of my earlier blogs on finding a great dressmaker. Investing in altering quality garments to achieve a great fit is worth its weight in gold. If you would like a directory of dressmakers in your area let me know, I have the beginnings of a country wide list of dressmakers by county.

wardrobe edit

3 Binbags full of clothes went to the textile bank


I managed to collect 3 bin bags full and a box full of clothes that I wanted to remove from my wardrobe. so, if the fit was ok and generally colours were ok, what on earth did I throw out? In a nutshell it was things that I never wear, things I’d kept just in case – just in case of what I’m not sure! I also threw out things that I didn’t like, things I knew I’d never wear really and things I was just plain bored with and some that had holes in and just looked really past their best.




I had another pile of clothes through. This was my “emotional pile” This was a pile of clothes that I know I wont wear again, largely because they are quite dated or they were for a specific occaision but the other thing most of them had in common was that I had made them all. Now, I’ve donated or re-cycled many things I’ve made before but these were examples of things I thought were exceptional quality or creativity so instead I found a box, folded them neatly and have stored them on a shelf. They may go out eventually or they may get re-cycled but for now they are still with me but out of my everyday space. I am free from their clutter.


wardrobe edit

My interpretation of tidying my draws the Marie Kondo way

I have a set of draws in my wardrobe (gotta love that Sweedish storage mentality). At Christmas I received a copy of “The perfect art of tidying up” and have take a leaf out of Marie’s book and have sorted and folded in the way she recommends. I like it, The draws appear much tidier and far less cluttered, even though there isn’t really that much less in them and, I can see everything. Before, when everything was piled on top of everything else I lost stuff for months, I can clearly see it now and, for the record, it does not get creased any more than before.



Having taken everything out, tried most things on, bagged up the things to leave the house and put back and ordered what I was keeping I felt refreshed and clear. A week later I haven’t missed anything, remember, most of it was stuff I never wore anyway and those 3 bags rejected from my wardrobe have been donated to people who need them far more than I do.

By going through this process it felt like I was giving myself permission keep only the very best things, to identify exactly what I need to add in to make more use of what I already have and to value my own clothing choices and know that I can invest in my own wardrobe.

I’m working on a free down load – 5 Steps to a Workable Wardrobe. Comment below with your email if you’d like a copy



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