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What does your Profile Picture say about you?

Your website is your shop window, your profile picture is selling you and your business. Your social media updates are how people get to know you, like you and trust you. These are the places where people will build relationships and will eventually buy from you. I know you have spent a small fortune on your website – whether that is in finacial terms paying for someone else to do it, or in your own time and effort to create it yourself. It is, and you are, amazing. You are also selling your business through your social media connections, building trust, establishing a presence and expertise and building relationships.

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The on-line space is where  many people will create their very first impression of you. Your content might be great, it might be the very best, it might also be not so great but whatever your content all social media and website content has one thing in common – YOU! Obvious I know, but your profile picture is what binds all of these different platforms together to express visually, who you are, what you do and what you stand for. So:

What does your profile picture say about you?

Have you posted a great picture from last years holiday? Are you drinking cocktails and having a lovely time?

It may have great memories for you but its not a great business message is it? How is it selling your approach to your business?

You only have to look at your list of contacts in your LinkedIn connections to notice those who have made an effort and those who, quite frankly, have had an image bypass. They simply haven’t thought about it. They didn’t think that the image they chose would reflect them and their approach to their business.

I would always recommend you hire a professional photographer to capture you image that is the image of you that will be open and exposed for the world to view and interpret. A great photographer will capture the very essence of you and your attitude towards your business and your clients will shine through.

If you are employed and have a photographer come into your place of work and you choose to use that photo as your profile picture then thats fine but why not take the opportunity to make the very best image you can. Think about what you are wearing.

On next weeks blog I shall take you on a journey which explains why I think hiring a personal image and style coach is a great investment and will help you through this process to achieve a set of the very best photographs of yourself for your website and social media. I know this because its a process I have just been through myself.



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