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Check in With Your Wardrobe

Check in With Your Wardrobe

You want to get a grip with your wardrobe but don’t know where to start?

How many times to you open the doors and see an array of clothes but think “I have nothing to wear”. Your wardrobe should be working with you, not against you.

Wardrobe edit

Which one is your wardrobe?

Imagine opening the doors and knowing exactly what you are going to wear that day with the knowledge that everything in there fits and flatters your body shape, makes you look and feel fantastic and that everything works together.  Not only that but you will soon see that a clear and organised wardrobe will give you:

  • More choice
  • Less hassle
  • More time
  • Less stress
  • And, Its creative, fun and saves money

So where do you start?

Empty everything (and I mean everything – you are looking at an empty wardrobe)

Try everything on, create some piles:

  • Love it but needs fixing
  • Donation
  • Bin

Find yourself a dressmaker or tailor to get things fixed or altered

Take the opportunity to clean the inside of your wardrobe.

Take donations to a charity shop,  someone out there needs them more than you right now.

Anything too awful for charity take to a textile recycling bin. You’ll be surprised how much amazing new, hi-tech fabrics are created from recycled fabrics.

Put things you are keeping back in your wardrobe, but sort them out. Hang them in outfit order or colour order or by type of clothes, which ever suits you best. Your wardrobe should feel lighter and clearer, you should be able to see everything in there and when you stand in front of it every morning you should be able to make an instant choice on what to wear.

Do you want your wardrobe to look like the one in the right of the picture above?

Find out more about discovering your own style by joining me for the day, on 15th January 2018, where I will be hosting a Style Masterclass. You will discover how to dress with confidence because you know you look and feel fantastic. Knowing the best shapes to flatter your body shape, the colours that suit your skin tone and how to start creating your capsule wardrobe will give you that.

Follow this link below to begin your journey of style discovery.

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