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Planning for Spring, How about a Wardrobe Edit?

How many decisions do you make every single day?

Make life easier try a Wardrobe Edit

By the time we’ve left the house in the morning we’ve already made hundreds of decisions, each adding a little bit of extra stress. How nice would it be to not have to make some of them? For some of us the pain of standing in front of the wardrobe every morning and trying to decide what to wear can be just a little too much. It can be a huge stress point, I know, I’ve been there! Why not overhaul your clothes and edit your wardrobe?

 You Ask Yourself Questions like:

What am I doing today?

Who am I meeting today?

What looks best?

What did I wear last time?

What else am I doing? 

What have I got that goes with this?

It goes on, and in the end you reach for the same old thing. I can manage this stress and the decision making process because I know that everything in my wardrobe suits me, is the best colour for me and, importantly, I can see everything. So how do you think you would feel if the solution to your indecision and stress was right in front of you? Initially you should think about having your style and colour analysed by a professional image consultant. This will help you identify the very best clothes you already have and help you create new combinations and how to look your very best. A wardrobe session with an image coach will make your wardrobe work for you but there’s a lot you can do for yourself with a few hours to spare.

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Wardrobe Edit

So you want to edit your wardrobe yourself:

  • Try everything on, create some piles:
    • Love it but needs fixing
    • Donation
    • Bin
  • Find yourself a dressmaker or tailor to get those things fixed or altered – any holes, taking in, taking up, taking out, it can all be done and if you invest in your clothes and maintain them well they will last for a very long time.
  • Take those that are still in good condition but you know you’re never going to wear again to a charity shop. Let someone who needs them right now have them. Alternatively you could always monetise them on eBay or gumtree or such like.
  • This things that are not for the charity shop take to a textile recycling bin. You’ll be surprised how much amazing new, hi-tech fabrics are created from recycled fabrics

Put things you are keeping back in your wardrobe, but sort them out. Sort them in outfit order or colour order or by type of clothes, which ever suits you best. Your wardrobe should feel lighter and clearer, you should be able to see everything in there and when you stand in from of it every morning you should be able to make an instant choice on what to wear.


Want someone to do it for you? Of course I can help! Email me right here and I’ll get back to you. My focus area for this service is the Hampshire, Berkshire, Surrey and Cheshire, Wirral and North Wales. I’d love a trip out!!



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