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Profile Pictures – Why you need a stylist

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In my last post I talked about the importance of your Profile picture to your personal brand. Your online image is important, just as your real-life image is. First impressions on-line are made via profile pictures, so what does yours say about you?
I have recently undergone the process of having new profile pictures for my social media and forthcoming website and I knew instantly the benefits of having a personal image and style coach along side you whilst planing for this process.

A professional photographer should ask you to take a couple of changes, depending on your requirements. As I was having shots for a website as well as my profile picture, it was appropriate. But…….how many, and which ones?

Instantly the questions bubbled up. What shall I wear? what do I wear that says “this is me” and “this is the business I am in”

I was thrown into a bit of a panic, although the advantage of being an image coach means that the panic didn’t last long. I was able to decide on three outfits and identify what was missing that I needed to acquire to make sure the images reflect me, now and going forward.

I know exactly which colours suit me best and will accentuate my best features. I know the styles and design lines within clothes that again, highlight and accentuate my best features. I knew some of my choices were right there in my wardrobe space but I also knew some of my choice were, quite frankly, a little tired. I knew the impression I wanted to make, the image I wanted to portray, and I was able to make an informed decision about what I needed to fill those gaps. I quick whizz around the shops on the Friday before Christmas and I was sorted within an hour.

If you’re thinking of investing in your profile picture and you want to present the very best version of yourself to the online world then give me a call.



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