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Re-launch, Re-Boot, Revive!

I took a break, a loooong break, from my business and now I’m back having fallen in love with it all over again.

For over a year I’ve been contemplating and following other avenues. I’ve enjoyed what I’ve done, I’ve learned new things and leaned a lot about myself. Most of all though, I’ve learnt that I love helping people to find their own style, to help them find the styles and colours that suit them best so their confidence will out and they feel fantastic.

I remembered I love sewing! I’ve taken a huge step back and rediscovered my love of creative textiles and dressmaking for myself. I have been reminded how important clothes are to everyone, I mean, we all get dressed everyday don’t we! But its not as simple as that, most of the time we want to look good and feel great and you can make a difference to both of those things by choosing clothes that fit and are a great colour for you. The fit of your clothes is so important in helping you feel confident about yourself. Regardless of your shape or size, if your clothes fit properly they will enhance your appearance and, whatever it is you are wearing, you will be comfortable.

I’m passionate about dressmaking, both creating and making and teaching others how to sew and make their own clothes. There is something that is so incredibly satisfying about wearing your own creations. Its also about being able to extend the life of your clothes, be it through altering, mending or completely re-vamping. I bet there are loads of things in your wardrobe that you don’t wear because its not the right colour, not the right fit, too small, too big, not the right shape? You know I can help you sort all that out!

So, in line with my theme today why not join me on a journey to re-launch, re-boot and revive your style? Over the next few weeks I will be blogging about the various stages of discovering your own unique style and how to focus on finding what is right for you. From sorting out your wardrobe, to working out the best colours to suit you and working out your body shape so you can choose the right shapes to suit you, its all going to be here and I’ll be here and on my Facebook page offering tips and advice along the way.


Here’s to your style journey! Renewed, Re-vamped and Revived


In my next blog I’ll be encouraging you to take a look inside your wardrobe to help you make it manageable and make it work for you instead of being a cupboard full of overwhelm.



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