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Style and Goals Heading into 2016

As we head on through this busiest of quarters before the festive season interrupts the business flow I have been working on my goals and commitments for 2016. I have learned so much from starting this process at the beginning of 2015 that I’m getting in there early this year to make sure I hit the ground running on January 2nd. I talked about my achievements in 2015 last time and it is the process of committing to the small steps that lead to my clients and myself achieving our successes.
One of the things I noticed early on is when I commit to do something every single day life is so much easier. That thing – what ever it is, becomes a habit and off I go heading towards achieving my focus goal for that week, that month, that quarter or for the year. I have achieved so much over the last year that I would not have achieved if it weren’t for the goals and commitments and the support of people around me.
I thought I’d share with you some of the things I am committing to do everyday over the next month to put me in the best place to kick off 2016 with a bang.
  • Set out the 3 most important tasks first thing – and get them done
  • Focus on one thing at a time
  • Clear my space  & my mind
  • Go outside
  • Exercise
  • Eat fruit & veg, Drink more water
  • Be positive and show gratitude
  • Acknowledge success
  • Have fun
Not a bad list to be starting with. None of them take more than a few minutes, even second. I just need to focus on those small commitments to achieve a great frame of mind to take me forward into 2016. I’m still working on my focus goals for the year and that may change or add to my daily commitments. I shall share those when they are more defined and of course, by sharing with you I have another level of accountability.
What are you’re commitments for this month. How are you going to leap into 2016 and how will be accountable for achieving them?



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