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Styling my Business in the on-line world

One of the exciting projects I’ve been working on for a while is bringing you style on line.

I have been exploring opportunities to develop online courses so you can learn about style, understand about personal branding and workout how to present the very best version of yourself time and time again through learning in your own time through resources and learning modules I will have online. One of the major factors in taking my business in this direction is the ability to be flexible in my business. I found an amazing resource and teaching tool that has been amazing for me and I want to share that with you right now.

I came across Kathryn Hocking of about a year ago when I was looking around for ideas on how to make more of the online space in my business. I was intrigued and enthused by Kathryn’s passion for teaching others how to create E-courses.

I watched her videos and webinar and knew this was for me. I have a passion for sharing my knowledge, be that sewing related, which I’ve done for some time, or style and image related which I have been doing over the past year. The idea of  teaching on-line really resonated with me but I hadn’t a clue where to start and that is really where Kathryn comes in.

Her Course – The E-course Learning Formula (ECLF) has been running for about 4 years and has, over that time, become one of the most successful online courses around. I decided to sign up. It was a big investment for me and has become the focus of my business development over the last few months, and will continue to be into the future whilst I still work on content and delivery.

An E-Course gives you the opportunity to share your knowledge with a worldwide audience and has the potential to generate a passive income and a more flexible lifestyle. Through the ECLF online community I have met amazing women from all over the world who are not only beavering away on the most  creative E-courses but they are supporting each other in the development of each others courses. Throughout the length of the course (12 weeks) and beyond, Kathryn has shared her knowledge, expertise and support to each of us who have taken the course and, in my case, has given me the confidence to know that I can do this and create a successful online business.

So, what do you get?

I can honestly say you get everything, from helping you to decide what you can offer as an e-course, how to brand and protect your course, how to package and deliver, through to how to launch and then review everything post launch. Add to that a fantastic and supportive community forum and the ability to contact over 400 members for support and collaboration opportunities I can highly recommend this course. If you are thinking of taking your business in this direction, and even if you’ve never thought of it and you just happen to have tripped over the idea as a result of reading this blog, then its certainly worth investigating. This week there is a rather spectacular offer in place as a new round of the course is launched. Kathryn is offering a scholarship place on the course which is worth $1497AUS (approx £800) If you are interested in finding out more then please click on the image below and all the



I have been so impressed whith the course I am an affiliate for the programme now which is launching this week with this amazing offer. If you decide to purchase the course through my link I may benefit from commission.



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