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Take control of your Visual Signature

You have a visual signature right? We all have a visual signature, it is your image, your personal brand, it is what people see and it is what people get about you.

Take control of your visual signature because the chances are it’s currently controlling you.

Personal Branding

You need to ask yourself:

  • How is what you’re wearing working for you?
  • In your job – does what you wear represent the real you?
  • Are you dressing to the next level in your career?
  • Are you getting the balance right between representing the image of the company and your personal style?
  • In your business – does what you wear represent your true style?
  • Does what you wear represent what you want your business to represent?
  • Do people take you seriously?

So many questions you need to ask yourself because whatever clothes you put on every day, whatever accessories you choose to carry and however you choose to groom all comes together to create your visual signature or your personal brand. Sure, you get up and get dressed, go out to work or work on your business every single day, but how much do you think about the visual impression you are about to give out when you meet with the people you work with every day or a new prospect or an existing client?

In his book “Blink”, Malcolm Gladwell talks about decision making and how we make instant judgements through our sub-conscious.

As soon as you walk through the door people have made a series of decisions about you based on how you look. Don’t waste that opportunity, take control of it.

Be intentional,

Be strategic and

Be consistent

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