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Top 10 tips to look after your clothes

Take care of your clothes


Look after your clothes and they will look after you. Extend the life of your clothes and maintain them for longer.

  • Wear clothes appropriate to the task at hand, don’t do chores in the suit you wear for work – get changed!
  • Handle with care – avoid snags
  • take things out of the pockets so they don’t go out of shape
  • Remove belts from the the belt loops
  • Hang your clothes as soon as you’ve taken them off, only one item per hanger
  • Make sure its hanging straight on the hanger
  • Use padded hangers for anything stretchy
  • Let your shoes air before putting them into a box
  • Use shoe trees to hep keep the shape of your shoes
  • Don’t crowd your clothes in the wardrobe

and – just for a bonus

  • Follow the instructions on the care label




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