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Top 5 Things you need to know about Style

What is your Personal Style? 

I carried out a survey recently and without doubt one of the major issues around personal style is having the confidence to know what to wear and what suits.


I figure if you can learn these 10 things then you can’t go wrong

 How to wear and walk in heels


Which shapes and silhouettes suit your body shape

(and those that don’t)


 Your preferred cut and brand of Jeans

style advice

Your very best colours


What you need to get tailored and where to go


If you don’t know then why not learn? Sure you can experiment for days and months on end, and my guess is that for many people that is just what they do. If you know your body shape you know how to dress it to reflect your very own personality. You can use your knowledge to dress to be amazing right now using the right shapes and the right colours for your unique shape and skin tone then you will shine. How fantastic would that be?

Why not learn how to dress your body with one of my style sessions or go for the full Signature Style Package where we work out you style goals, find your style personality, analyse your body shape and your very best colours. It is an amazing journey to take and I’d love to be there to help you find your own personal style

Here are some more “should knows” to add to the list

  • Your Signature Jewellery
  • Which accessories you need to complete your look
  • How to accentuate your best bits and conceal the not so best bits
  • Wear the right underwear

What else do you think you need to know?



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