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Top Tips for Shopping Like a Pro

Top Tips for Shopping like a Pro

Personal Shopping

Personal Shopper or learn to shop savvy

Save yourself time and money, learn how to shop for your clothes like a pro. A personal shopper will find out about your likes, dislikes, style, colour, body shape and what you need before you go our shopping. Time is money, she will be focused and only pick out those things she knows will be good for you.

So, what if you want to do this yourself?

Follow these simple rules and you’ll be way ahead of the game and your shopping trip will be far more enjoyable, and fruitful.

• Know what you need, carry out a wardrobe edit, see what you have and know where your gaps are. You only need to be looking for those things – make a list

• Check out online options and look in magazines, create a Pinterest collection of things you love

• Understand your colouring, the colour of the clothes you buy should make your skin glow you will look amazing

• Pick up and try on loads of things, open your mind to some new ideas, don’t just keep to what you’ve had before

• Don’t worry about the size – its just a number on a ticket in the back of the outfit. Manufacturers make their clothes to different sizes. A size 12 in one        place maybe equal to a size 14 in another – get over it – its just a number!

• If the thing you desperately want isn’t there today, it might be in 2 or 3 weeks. Most of the high street stores have a very quick turn around for new styles now, go back in a month and you might just find it.

• If you’re not sure about something, walk away, go for a coffee, if it doesn’t call you back it wasn’t meant to be

In summary, only buy something if

• You love it
• You feel great
• You look amazing
• It suits your lifestyle
• Fills a gap in your wardrobe
• It fits or can be altered

The alternative of course is to hire a Personal Shopper. A personal shopper will take the stress out of your shopping experience. If you’d like me to help we would have a conversation about exactly what you want. I can help you with colours and styles and maybe even nudge you out of your comfort zone, encouraging new ideas and combination.  Why not give yourself a treat and take the stress out of shopping for your Spring and Summer wardrobe.


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