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What’s in a colour consultation?

What's in a colour consultation?

A colour analysis is only a small part of the exciting journey of finding your own style. For too long people have talked about “having their colours done” which doesn’t really sound to appealing in itself. A colour analysis has the potential to change your life – really!

As part of a wider perspective though it really helps you find your style, and present the very best version of yourself that you can. The benefits of the colour analysis are visual, social, psychological, emotional and economic.

So, how on earth can we achieve all of that?

So, for the science bit: We each have a unique colour code given to us from birth, each of us has different levels of blood cells, carotene and melanin which make up our skin tone and therefore our colour. This in itself explains why a style and image consultant can’t simply look at some one and tell the what their best colours are.

A colour consultation considers 3 aspects of colour – the value, the undertone and the intensity which are dependent on the presence of light and pigment. The colour analysis then takes on six characteristics to consider

  • Cool and warm
  • Light and deep
  • Vibrant and muted

Your consultation will analyse each of these through the process of placing drapes and identifying those a colours which balance your own skin tone. You will be paired back to your natural state, with removal of your make up and wearing a cape to make sure there are no false impacts on your natural skin tone. From this we are able to identify whether your colouring is primarily seasonal or tonal or indeed, free select.

With the information available to you now we discuss hair and make up shades that best suit you and work with your very best colours. You will receive a swatch of the colours that suit you the best and within that we identify you’re very best colours. Remember, you can wear a quarter of all the world’s colours and this swatch is a guideline The colours you choose should blend with the collection in the swatch, not necessarily be an exact match.

When you are wearing the right colours for your skin tone you will find you look better and brighter, people will notice, you will feel more confident and you will feel amazing. You will save money because you will only buy those colours you know will suit you.

If you’d like to dip your toe in the water of style then do come along for a colour analysis but you will soon realise how this is just one step on the journey of discovering your style.



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