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What’s in a Fantastic Fit?

The fit of your clothes has a great impact on the state of your mind as well as your general appearance. If your clothes don’t fit properly  you are consciously aware of it, you will feel uncomfortable and be more aware of your appearance, chances are you’ll be hitching, tugging and pulling without really noticing, but do you know what? Everyone else will.


Clothes that FIT well will

  • enhance your appearance
  • make you feel amazing
  • hang beautifully from your shoulders, your waist or your hips
  • they will fall smoothly – no bagging, pulling, clinging or twisting
  • flatter the shape and proportion of your body
  • create flattering illusions
  • draw attention to the most attractive areas of your body
  • contribute to your lifestyle

When you try something on make sure you check:

  • you can move in it
  • is it wrinkled
  • does it fall straight
  • does it twist
  • does it pull anywhere

So how do you shop for a fantastic fit?

  • Know your body shape and choose styles that flatter your figure
  • Try different brands
  • Buy what fits, regardless of the size
  • Buy separates if necessary
  • Notice if theres anything that could be altered
  • Walk away from the mirror – at least 5m, you will see you how others see you

If you’ve found something that fits well buy it and remember that brand for next time. Alternatively contact me for advice on having your garments made just for you.



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