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What’s in a Style Consultation?

What's in a Style Consultation?

“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak”

Rachel Zoe


So what will you achieve by knowing your style?

You will feel amazing, feel fantastic and have more confidence. People make a decision about you in seconds, even milli-seconds. Their decision is based on your image, your style, how you look. Your personal brand speaks way before you do.

Each of us is unique, in colour, shape and size. The way to live your style is to know your style so this is what we look at in a style consultation with The Style Architect

A style consultation will cover 5 principles:

  • Line
  • Scale
  • Proportion
  • Texture
  • Colour

A style consultation will use body mapping – the process of identifying the outline of you body shape to determine your body and face shape and will bring together each of the 5 principles to help you discover the very best shapes of different types of clothing and accessories to suit your body shape

  • Line is formed from your body and your clothes, we will look at the use of lines and how to create optical illusions
  • Scale concerns the relationship between your body size and clothes, accessories, patterns
  • Proportion refers to the relative scale, size and relationship of the parts of your body, we establish the best way to balance your proportions
  • Texture of fabric, the weave and the weight will all impact on how clothing hangs in your body, we establish the best textures for you
  • Colour has the ability to change body proportions, we look at how best you can use colour to enhance your body shape

Of course there are many more aspects to pull together in order to enable you to present the very best version of yourself. You can develop and refine your personal brand with me through finding your unique style personality, analysing your colour to find your very best colours and consider your wardrobe to discover what you have and what you need.

If you would like to explore your style please contact me, I would love to take you on your amazing style journey.



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