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Finding a Dressmaker – Top 10 Tips

Finding a Dressmaker - Top 10 Tips

Finding a Dressmaker

You may find, in the process of finding your style a great option for you is to have something made just for you. This is a service I offer, see here, but if I can’t accommodate you then here are my top 10 tips for finding and using a dress maker

Check out a directory like The Sewing Directory for listings of dressmakers near you

Make contact and arrange to meet your dressmaker and take lots of ideas (this should be a free session)

Go to visit, make sure their work space is free from pets and smoke and any other odd smells you might not like, they will transfer into the fabric.

Make sure your quote details exactly what service you will get, if in doubt ask

Satisfy yourself that she has understood your requirements

Choose your fabric from a choice of options that should be offered to you

Agree all your measurements, sample fabrics, the design or pattern to be used, any specific fitting issues, a time scale, including fittings, and a payment schedule

Ask for a toile (a mock up of your dress) to check the style and fit

Some minor changes in design can be accommodated along the way, major ones cannot be

Remember, you are asking for a bespoke dress, made for you to your specific requirements and your exact measurements. Having a dress made by a dressmaker is not cheaper than buying one off the shelf, please do not embarrass your dressmaker by expecting it to be

Given my dressmaking background and knowledge in this area I am more than happy to offer more detailed advice or put you in touch with a dressmaker in your area, I can also come along with you to any appointments if you’d like me to



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