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Why You Need a Wardrobe Edit

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How many decisions do you make every single day?

By the time we’ve left the house in the morning we’ve already made hundreds, all leading to that little bit of extra stress. How nice would it be to not have to make some of them?
For some of us the pain of standing in front of the wardrobe every morning and trying to decide what to wear can be just a little too much. It can be a huge stress point, I know, I’ve been there – one if the most stressful days I have every month is knowing what to wear for the day I spend with a group of Image Consultants. Questions like, what looks best? what did I wear last time? what are we doing today? and so on. I can manage this stress and the decision making process though because I’ve edited my wardrobe. I know that everything in there suits me, is the best colour for me and I can see everything – I have clarity in my wardrobe.
So how do you think you would feel if the solution to your indecision and stress was right in front of you?
Initially you should think about having your style and colour analysed by a professional image consultant. This will help you identify the very best clothes you already have.
Try everything on, create some piles:
  • Love it but needs fixing
  • Donation
  • Bin
Find yourself a dressmaker or tailor to get those things fixed or altered – any holes, taking in, taking up, taking out. It can all be done and if you invest in your clothes and maintain them well they will last for a very long time. I could even teach you how to do it yourself of course.
Remove those things in the donation pile. Take those that are still in good condition but you know you’re never going to wear again to a charity shop. Let someone who need them have them. Alternatively you could always monetise them on eBay or gumtree or such like. Those things that are sadly no longer fit for purpose take to a textile recycling bank, old clothes are re-processed into the most amazing products.
Your wardrobe should already feel lighter and clearer.
Of those things you are returning to the wardrobe sort them out. Colour order, outfit order or type order and hang one thing on one hanger. Find a way that suits you best and treat yourself to matching hangers. Carry out the same process with your draws and shelves and the space at the bottom of the wardrobe.
When you pull open the doors you should be able to see exactly what you have and where it is. When you can see clearly into your wardrobe you can see what is going to work that day and it will make that decision process a whole lot easier. Easier still if you can identify and sort it the night before.
Enjoy the process but if you would like some help please just ask. I have a great package to include style, colour and a wardrobe edit.



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