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creative style solutions

I have a selection of services available, below is a guideline to what I offer for women and men


Are you ready to develop your image and style to reflect the real you?
Over a series of three sessions we will work together to

  • establish your goals around your visual image
  • discover your unique style personality,
  • understand how to dress your body shape and how to
  • choose the styles that suit you best.
  • know you best colours and how to
  • get clarity in your wardrobe and
  • get the best out of the clothes you already have

You will work in between our sessions checking your progress, trying new things and learning how to shop with purpose. At the end of our time you will achieve confidence in knowing your style and knowing what to wear to create the very best first impression and create influence in your career or your business


A wardrobe full of stuff but nothing to wear?

Spend a day with me talking about and learning how you can evolve your style. Find out what styles suit your body shape and what colours suit you best. I will show you how to co-ordinate and accessorise to your advantage and you will leave with the knowledge to help you get the most out of your existing wardrobe. I will help you plan your wardrobe based around what you learn during the day.


I will spend a day with you systematically working through your wardrobe, your draws and your accessories. We will work out exactly what you have, find what suits, what fits and what you love. I will show you how to create new outfits and find out what can be altered.  We can put together capsule collections from what you have and identify the gaps, developing a list of essentials you need to add into your wardrobe to create some fabulous outfits.


A personal shopper saves you time and money. Based on your individual requirements I will look, in advance, in all the right places to make sure the right things are there for you. I select garments and you try on – simple! The hardest decision you make is whether to buy. A personal shopper makes shopping for clothes a breeze.


If you would like a steer on the best colours for you then a basic colour consultation is just what you need. I will show you which colours and tones suit you and why. I will help you understand how to make those colours work for you and how to work them together. You will receive a swatch of your colours indicating the very best ones from your palette.


I am available to speak on all aspects of image and style as part of professional training or networking event, a key note speaker or at a fundraising event. Contact me to discuss your requirements.



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